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Committee of Management

Commodore: Chris Winsor

  1. chairs meetings of the Club members and the Committee of Management
  2. ensures that the Club Constitution, bylaws, and regulations are followed
  3. is an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Review Committee


Vice Commodore: Chris Reynolds

  1. chairs the Membership Committee
  2. receives applications for membership, arranges interviews with prospects; manages the waiting list
  3. provides welcome packages for new members
  4. provides formal notification of membership acceptance
  5. has responsibility for Regalia Committee
  6. assists the Commodore with his duties, and in their absence acts on his/her behalf


Rear Commodore: Charles Dyer

  1. has overall responsibility for improvements to, and the upkeep of HYC property
  2. chairs the Planning and Development Committee and the Housekeeping Committee
  3. on cruises, he/she shall have charge of the rear of the fleet
  4. assists the Commodore and Vice Commodore, and in their absence acts on their behalf
  5. in his absence, an Acting Rear Commodore shall be appointed


Fleet Captain: Shawn Lise

  1. chairs the Cruising and Racing Committee and the Safety Committee
  2. coordinates all events “on the water”
  3. actively promotes a high standard of seamanship among HYC members


Treasurer: Brent Pumple

Pumple2021 3
  1. chairs the Finance and Budget Committee, and is responsible for the accounts of HYC
  2. ensures that all monies due, owing, and payable to HYC are collected and deposited
  3. ensures that all bills contracted and approved are paid
  4. prepares statement of account, the annual statement, and budgets
  5. signing authority for HYC cheques, bank drafts, and similar items


Secretary: Pauline Carpenter

  1. notifies HYC members of Club meetings
  2. notifies members of the COM and Review Committee of meetings, attends all meetings
  3. keeps the minutes of Club and COM meetings
  4. ensures that a correct roster of COM members is kept, with dates of election


Harbour Master: Rob Hellier

Hellier2021 3
  1. keeps a register of all boats belonging to HYC and its members
  2. ensures that the Club Constitution, bylaws and regulations are followed
  3. coordinates docking, storage, haul-out, launch, winter storage, and parking of vehicles
  4. is responsible for the optimum allocation of HYC docks to members
  5. responsible for the orderly conduct and passage of boats in HYC waters
  6. monitoring of the water depth around the docks


Past Commodore: David Bruyea

  1. serves as a Member of the COM
  2. filled by the Commodore upon completion of a full term of office as Commodore
  3. if the previous Commodore is unable to serve, a senior member will be elected to fill this function


Social Director: Jessica Templin

  1. chairs the Social Committee
  2. is responsible for creating and executing the clubs social activities
  3. administers the Social Committee budget and reports to the membership


Communications Director: Stephen Masson

  1. responsible for keeping members informed of the club's activities
  2. maintains club's website
  3. publishes printed materials for the newsletter, promotional materials, visitors' information

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