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Club Photo Tour

  • CPT1
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    As you descend the hill on South Brimley you enjoy a spectacular view of the lake. On a beautiful sunny day the lake is filled with sails and it builds your anticipation for the next few hours when you'll join those sails aboard your own boat heading out of the harbour.

  • CPT3

    Highland is one of four yacht clubs on "the island" at Bluffer's Park. A security gate keeps the property private to members and their guests and a gate code is required to enter the grounds.

  • CPT4

    Once inside the gate a quick right hand turn takes you to the Highland parking lot.

  • CPT5

    Highland membership is restricted to 132 members. Both power and sail boats are welcome. For new members boat size is currently restricted to 34 feet in length and 11 feet in beam.

  • CPT6

    Highland is a working sailors' club. We perform all our own maintenance and we have complete facilities for caring for your boat. Our workshop is equipped with power saw, drill press, work bench and other tools which are available for all members.

  • CPT7

    The club has its own mast crane, pump-out and service dock. Members raise and lower their masts, pump out when necessary and can use the service dock on a short term basis for necessary repairs to their boats.

  • CPT8

    There are six main docks reaching out into the protected harbour at Highland and each dock holds about 26 boats. Every boat has its own docking space with a permanent finger dock.

  • CPT9

    Every dock and every boat has access to 20 amp electrical supply and a pressure water hose. Swim ladders are located strategically along every dock for safety, and a fire extinguisher, dock cart and retrieving pole are located at the end of each dock.

  • CPT10

    Every dock has its own shelter with picnic tables and barbeque for members to enjoy throughout the summer months. The shelter is there for all members of that dock and it's fun to share a meal with other club members.

  • CPT11

    Our clubhouse was built by the members and is a source of pride for the membership. It's not elegant by any means, but it is basic and extremely functional. It's the kind of informal, relaxed atmosphere that both members and visitors from around the lake enjoy.

  • CPT12

    Our upper deck with covered canopy offers comfortable seating to look out over the spectacular Scarborough Bluffs

  • CPT14

    Sunrise from the lower deck.

  • CPT15

    Inside the clubhouse you have the essentials for any sailor.

  • CPT16

    Men's and Ladies washrooms with shower facilities.

  • CPT17

    The clubhouse kitchen is made for efficiency: two stoves with ovens, microwaves, a fridge, a kettle, coffee machine, dishes, cutlery, pots, pans and everything you need to prepare a sumptuous feast for yourself and your guests. The kitchen is available for all members and guests. All we ask is you leave it the way you found it...spotless.

  • CPT18

    The Sailor's Lounge is the meeting place and information center at Highland. The bulletin board contains all the latest information, personal mail slots for members, our Club library and a marine radio. Along with a computer with internet access. It's a great place to relax and talk to other members as they come and go on a busy day at the club.

  • CPT19

    An oak staircase leading to the Great Room.

  • CPT20

    Where you will find a very inviting place to spend some relaxing time in front of the fireplace. There is also additional dining areas available.

  • CPT21

    The Great Hall is on the second level of the club. It's where we hold our meetings, Wednesday Night Darts, our Social Events and our parties. It holds more than 100 people comfortably and has a bar which is open for special occasions. The Great Hall can be booked by any member for any approved party or social event.

  • CPT22

    Highland members perform their own haulout and launch operations with the assistance of a professional crane crew. Members arrange cradles, work on sling and dock crews, and serve up a delicious meal for the workers for these events every year. The cost of haulout, launch and winter storage are included in your club fees.

  • CPT23

    For winter mast storage, the club has an extensive mast rack with block and tackle hoists to make storing mast quick and easy. During the summer, the club stores all members' folding cradles on the lot.

  • CPT24

    We have a crew on hand through the winter to insure our docks are safe from any damage.

  • CPT25

    A big part of life at Highland is the active social life. Every year a series of special events are planned by the Social Committee and members all join in the fun.

  • CPT26

    Highland is about more than just having a place to tie up your boat. It's about building friendships, sharing and helping each other with boats and having fun together. You'll get the hang of it quickly.

  • CPT27

    Every year the Fleet Captain arranges a series of reciprocal cruises where a flotilla from our club sails to another club on the lake and then, in return, we host that club on another weekend. For those who prefer to cruise the lake on their own, Highland enjoys special reciprocal docking privileges with free accommodation at most clubs around the lake.

  • CPT28

    At Highland, competitiveness is in our blood. Our racing group is very enthusiastic and enjoys competing throughout the year with other clubs from the basin. Highland holds special introductory classes and you'll always find someone who is willing to help you get started in the racing program. At the end of the season we hold a Closed Regatta where all members are invited to join in the fun of racing against other club members in a fun racing event.

  • CPT29

    The most anticipated event every year is Sailpast. This is our day to formally open the sailing season and to show off our boats to family and friends. The Sailpast consists of every member sailing their boat past the Commodore and is followed by the Commodore's Punch in the afternoon and a formal dinner in the evening with dancing and socializing with other club members and their families.

  • CPT30

    The close of the season is celebrated with the Commodore's Ball, a very lively event with dinner, dancing and a lavish award ceremony honouring the successful racers and also other club members for their various achievements throughout the season. It's all in good fun and it's all part of being a member of the Highland Yacht Club.

  • CPT31

    You just can't get it any better! Come soon for a visit!

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